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At Piggyback, we aim to connect the Businesses and the Community altogether. With this COVID-19 situation and the announcement of #CircuitBreaker on 3rd April by our Prime Minister, Mr Lee Hsien Loong, we placed a pause in our app development (or rather our outsourced app developers told us they no longer can work for us during this period) and we understand. 

"There is always one silver lining in the cloud coming out of the mayhem."

So we decide to do it based on what we've have right now.

App Development

If you are keen to help out with the app development (web-based, iOS, Android), drop us an email.


We help to deliver and there is a possibility to list your business (from mamashops to MNCs) on our platform in near future. 


Join us on the collective effort to tide through the tough times. Walk, Cycle, Ride, Drive to deliver the items.

P-I-F Initiative

Want to share what you cooked or want to donate some essentials to the underprivileged? 

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