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The idea of piggyback was conceived after constant attempts to kick the husband out of bed to satisfy pregnancy cravings at wee hours and recognizing the terror of unable to get help on an unified platform as a mother of 4 kids and 2 dogs.


Grew up with humble beginnings where there is always a need to seek passive income as and when to facilitate the growth of a big brood.


But why piggyback? The word “piggyback” was derived through a childhood’s pastime/ game to carry someone on one’s back as a form of support, convenience, and privilege.


piggyback is a peer-to-peer delivery on demand platform & community marketplace that convert the “on the way, by the way” theory, bring community-centric that revolve around convenience, cash and cost-saving.


Our Key Focuses are on the SMEs and Small Businesses as we are strong believers of the community-driven business model where the Community is there, to move your business. Think kampung spirit.

xoxo, #teampiggyback

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